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Planning Tenerife: how to make the most of your trip on this beautiful island

We decided to go to Tenerife, after a winter in lockdown for Covid-19, to relax and recharge your batteries. We were looking for a destination close enough but also with nice weather. Although the idea of ​​Tenerife did not thrill me very much, I absolutely changed my mind once there: I thought it was a very touristy and all sea and beach island, actually it is a place full of very different experiences to do and places to discover.

But let's see how to plan a perfect trip to Tenerife!

Tenerife on the Road, Islas Canarias, Spain

Tenerife Travel Guides

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Lonely Planet

To plan this trip I relied on various blogs on the internet but I also bought two Lonely Planets: the Lonely Planet Pocket Tenerife and the generic one on the Canary Islands, which you can reuse to visit the other splendid islands of the archipelago, such as Lanzarote! READ ALSO: Lanzarote: 5-day itinerary by van I recommend both, they are very detailed and useful, with maps made very well as well as being very up to date.

Packing for Tenerife

Since we travelled with Ryanair we had a bag to slip under the seat of the plane and a cabin bag of the usual Ryanair size. Despite my initial panic I managed to make enough space: in the end I didn't use many things having the washing machine available at home. We opted for just a cabin bag - the Duffel Base Camp size S by North Face is always our first choice: spacious, very comfortable, it fits well in the trunks of cars and buses! In addition to this, a comfortable and spacious backpack: we have been using the Borealis Classic North Face for years, perfect for both traveling and trekking. For the hiking equipment needed for the hike of Teide READ ALSO: Hiking in Tenerife: on the top of Teide and in the splendid Parque de Anaga You will absolutely need also a hat, sunscreen, a jacket for the evening, swimsuits, and summer clothes. Before buying sunscreens, always check that they do not contain oxybenzone, responsible for coral bleaching and damage to coral reefs and that they are therefore REEF FRIENDLY certified. I use the Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Care line in the body and face version, both with SPF30.


The climate is subtropical oceanic on the coasts, that is to say very mild and sunny for most of the year, with little rainfall concentrated in the period October-March. In inland areas, the climate varies according to altitude and exposure. Temperatures generally tend to remain around average, however, from December to March there can be some cool days, with highs below 20 ° C. On the coldest days of the year, which typically occur in February, the temperature typically drops to 10/11 ° C at night, while the maximum remains around 17/18 ° C. Calm days, characterized by abnormal heat and weak wind, in which hot air of African origin predominates, are relatively rare (although in recent years they have become more frequent), and are more frequent in spring and summer. However, the weather remains unreliable, it varies a lot from part to part of the island, do not be scared. The week we went it rained every single day, I was quite demoralized honestly, but in the end we never caught a drop of water, it was always very hot and windy. On average there were 25 ° C maximum, 20 ° C minimum. Time zone: UTC / GMT +1 hour

Aeroporto Marconi du Bologna

Flights to Tenerife

RYANAIR 188€ each

✈ BLQ 15:15 ⇢ TFS 18:55

✈ TFS 19:30 ⇢ BLQ 00.40

I advise you not to add the cabin suitcase immediately, to proceed with the simplest ticket and the travel bag only and during the booking to add the priority package with small suitcase + cabin luggage because the price will be lower at the end.

Tenerife Visa

The tenerife tourist visa is also known as a Schengen visa because Tenerife, being a Spanish Island, is a part of the Schengen Agreement, so with a Spanish visa, you can visit all the countries that are a part of the Schengen area (and vice versa).

Spain and so also the Canarian Islands are part of the Schengen area, along with 25 other countries, so a visa obtained from any of these countries will allow you to visit all the other countries. However, if you apply for a Spenish visa, your first entry point should be in the Czech Republic.

You DO NOT need a tourist visa to visit Tenerife and Spain if:

  • You are from a country with a visa-free agreement with Schengen, and you will visit for a short trip (max. 90 days). This includes countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Canada, etc.

  • You are from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland.

The documents required for a Spain Schengen visa are so many that I suggest you to rely on an agency that deals with all this paperwork for you and also saves lot of time. provides online travel documents such as visas for entry to countries around the world, including the ones in Schengen area (but also health declaration forms, embassy documents, passport photos, passport renewals, tourist cards and other travel documents ). The site is safe and secure, the service is fast and efficient, and the team is experienced and available 24 hours a day for any need. To rely on will allow you to fully concentrate on your journey without wasting time and struggling with bureaucracy, as well as allowing you to leave without anxiety because there will be no hitches once you reach your destination. Click here to access directly to the page to apply for visas and travel documents.

Renting a car in Tenerife

Noleggio auto Citroen C3, Tenerife

TOPCAR @areoportoTFS

We chose a Citroen C3 for a total of € 90 for 8 days (+ € 500 deposit which is then returned) including an additional driver, collected and delivered to the TFS airport arrivals. Consider that the roads are all in excellent condition, but Tenerife is full of very steep climbs and descents, often with very tight curves, so I do not recommend bulky or unwieldy cars. It's useful to have a good trunk if, like us, you plan to ride a lot and want to carry backpacks so you can change clothes wherever you are.

Petrol costs very little, 0.98€ per liter, almost like Diesel. Consider that in 8 days we made 70€ of petrol and we have covered many km as you will see from the maps.

Where to stay in Tenerife

Tenerife Valley View Romantic Cottage Air BnB
Tenerife Valley Views Romantic Cottage

202€ for 2 people AIR BNB

Entire apartment located in Los Realejos (7km from Puerto de la Cruz), consisting of 1 bedroom, 1 bed, 1 bathroom for a total of 38sqm + 50sqm terrace with grill. Equipped with TV, Wifi connection, washing machine and ironing board, bathroom products, cleaning products, fully equipped kitchen, safe, bed linen and towels. Self check-in using the safety deposit box, therefore very convenient to arrive at any time you prefer and to be as independent as possible. Ample free parking in the street opposite, 1min walk. The apartment was super nice, spacious, equipped with everything, and furnished in a modern, very welcoming way. We loved it, everything was spotless, comfortable and well-stocked. Maybe a little bit out of the center, but in the end we really appreciated the location, away from traffic, zero problems for parking, in a very quiet area and in a strategic point to reach everything on the island well being halfway from everything!


- Please note that the supermarkets are all closed on Sunday and that Monday is a rest day, so many shops, supermarkets and restaurants are closed. - In Canary Islands cigarettes have the lowest price in all of Europe, they cost almost half that in Italy. But be careful because at the airport there are restrictions on the maximum number you can take on the return journey.


This is how we planned each of our days on the island with everything we did. It was not the original program, we changed some things as we became familiar with the island and the roads, as well as with the weather. We also made some arrangements based on what we wanted to do on the spot, but as you can see from the maps we have always tried to group things near or on the way. We were able to do everything we had planned and even something more, seeing practically everything on the island. We didn't go to Tenerife to sunbathe, but to fully visit the island, so consider just a couple of half days on the beach, but it's a personal choice. Tenerife is a place so full of different things to discover, that it seemed a shame to dwell only on the beaches. READ ALSO: Tenerife - discover my favourite Island among the Canarian archipelago

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

  • Las Margaritas - Banana Experience

  • Piramidi di Guilmar

  • Candelaria

  • San Cristobal de la Laguna

  • Puerto de la Cruz

Day 4:

  • Trekking Anaga

  • Playa de las Teresitas and lunch at La Isla

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Day 5:

  • Los Gigantes

  • Playa Abama

  • Playa de las Americas

  • Playas de las Vistas

  • Los Cristianos

  • Playa de los Cristianos

  • Punta de Teno

Day 6:

  • El Teide

  • Puerto de la Cruz

Day 7:

  • La Orotava

  • El Medano

  • Playa de la Tejita

Tramonto a Playa de Benijo, Tenerife, Islas Canarias, Spain

This is everything from Tenerife: I really hope you are going to fall in love with this Islands as we did. There are so many things to do and to visit.. a week is not enough!

It was truly an amazing surprise, I really didn't expect at all to find such beautiful places and delicious food.

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Please let me know what you think and write me if you need more info!

Have a nice trip and enjoy Tenerife!



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