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"Normal people have a dominant propensity to put down roots. Then there's us. The ones with grass growing underfoot"

Gianluca Gotto


When I read these lines I finally found a name for my perpetual inability to stay still, for my need to leave every time I got home, for my constant desire to discover new places, new cultures and new flavours.. I have the grass growing under my feet. I was not born to sit still. 
There is nothing that excites me and makes me happier than planning a trip: I find it thrilling to organize everything in my own way, choose the itinerary, the accommodations, imagine the places, the scents, the colors and then finally leave and discover that everything is even better than I imagined. 


My name is Vanessa, and I'm an Italian girl with grass growing under her feet. 
I've always been like this, since I was a child when I traveled with my parents, to whom I owe my love for the world and the courage to travel alone without fear, thanks to the exchanges abroad I've done since I was 11 and the numerous summer study trips.
Since I was 18, every chance I get, I've jumped on a plane: Christmas in London, New Year's in New York, a graduation trip to Mexico with my best friends, diving in the Dominican Republic and Egypt, a selfies with lions in Kenya, a swim with dolphins in Madagascar or a purification ritual in Bali.
I am a nurse who has been working in an oncological institute since 2018, which has allowed me to appreciate even more this life, which is the only one we have and which is often shorter than we believe, so I intend to live it intensely and not to miss any opportunity.
My heart is full of unforgettable moments, and I intend to keep on collecting indelible memories and filling my eyes with this world whenever I can. I firmly believe that traveling is a unique way to grow: it opens you up to new perspectives, it allows you to question yourself and open your mind.. discovering new worlds enriches and changes profoundly: those who return from a trip are never the same as when he had left.



I have always loved talking about my travels, sharing and giving advice on my experiences, and taking pictures. 
For some years now I've realized that more and more friends and family ask me for advice on places I've visited, hotels and restaurants I've tried, or even rely on me to organize trips and itineraries. So I said to myself – why not share this with even more people?
I have always been an extremely precise and organized person, planning trips is something I love to do, perhaps as much as experiencing the journey itself, and the fact that this can help someone makes me extremely happy. Before leaving I always do a lot of research on the internet, read guides and reviews, study every part of the organization meticulously. I like to look for hidden corners and delicious cafes, I'm always looking for that extra something that makes my trip special, and now I hope yours too. 
Everything you will find on my blog is lived by me firsthand, with lots of opinions, advice afterwards and even reflections on what I would do differently next time or what I wouldn't change for the world. I tell you about my travels as if I were doing it to my best friends, without filters and in a simple and genuine way. 
The purpose of Let Her Go is to help you fall in love with a breathtaking sunset, with a remote corner of the world, to make you want to take a backpack and leave, or even better… to make grass grow under your feet!

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