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Eating in Amsterdam: not only Pancakes!

Amsterdam is a multicultural city, historical and sometimes transgressive also speaking of food, where you can find food for every palate, coming from all over the world. Whatever you feel like, you will surely find it. There are some typical dishes that characterize the Dutch tradition and that I recommend you try during your visit.

Pancakes Amsterdam

ꕤ Pannenkoeken: these are the Dutch pancakes, in the sweet or savory version, a mix between the American ones (even if slightly larger) and the French crepes (they are thicker). If you have never tried them, you should definitely do it, they have nothing to do with the classic pancakes that are found in the rest of the world. They can have syrup on top and be powdered with sugar or with bacon and cheese on top, although the most popular version is the one with bacon plus sweet syrup. I love them madly, when I'm in Amsterdam I eat them at practically every meal, from breakfast to dinner, even if my favorites are the savory version. Below I recommend my favorite places to eat them.

Stroopwafel, dolci olandesi, Amsterdam

ꕤ Stroopwafel: is a biscuit made up of two thin wafers filled with caramel. Consumed freshly made they are a real delight. I've always bought them at Starbucks all over the world, but they had nothing to do with the ones I've tried here in Amsterdam.

Appeltaart: it is the Dutch apple pie, which is very similar to a tart thanks to the shortcrust pastry base and the typical mesh cover. It is filled with slices of apple flavored with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice. It's usually consumed as an afternoon snack, maybe with an infusion of fresh mint, a typical Dutch drink.

ꕤ Patatje oorlog: delicious fries the Dutch are particularly proud of, served in a thick and very crunchy format, topped with mayonnaise and all kinds of sauce. Patatje oorlog (literally meaning "chips at war") are coated with a sauce made from mayonnaise, peanut butter and onion. They represent the most popular dish of Dutch street food and you can find there practically everywhere, also on Damrak, where there is always a lot of queues; even in the Red District Light you will find them at every corner.

Formaggio Gouda, Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

ꕤ Gouda Cheese: Amsterdam is very famous for this cheese, produced thanks to the large amount of pastures and farms in the country. Gouda takes its name from the town of the same name located south of Amsterdam. In the Dutch capital you can enjoy it sliced ​​in a sandwich, or in the form of morsels that accompany a cold beer. If you want to take it home, you will find it in the numerous Old Amsterdam Cheese Stores all over the city, where you can enjoy numerous free tastings of the various versions, from the simplest traditional to the flavored ones and also try the sauces with which it is usually accompanied.



In Amsterdam every day is Pancake Day, I take you to my two favorite places and where I assure you you won't be disappointed:

Pancakes Amsterdam
  • Pancakes Amsterdam: around the city you will find more than one, but the food is the same in all of them: I tried two or three of them. The restaurant is always modern but with traditional Delf blue décor. I recommend the Dutch pancakes with cheese and ham, and as a dessert try the sweet mini pancakes; be careful because they also serve american pancakes, don't confuse them.

  • T’ Singeltje Pancakes: very typical little place located along the Bloemenmarkt, where I always stop for breakfast. Here you can taste sweet and savory Dutch pancakes but also the typical English Breakfast, sandwiches and other dishes.

The Grasshopper, Red Light District, Amsterdam

The Grasshopper is a restaurant located in the Red District Light where I stopped one evening when I didn't know where else to go for dinner among all the street food and culinary offerings of the city. We wanted just to read the menu but actually we got carried away and chose typical Mexican dishes: fajitas, burritos and chicken quesadillas, accompanied by two Corona beers. I know maybe when in Amsterdam you don't want to eat Mexican, but believe me, it is such a cosmopolitan city that it is easy to be tempted by the most exotic cuisine. However, the food was very good indeed, and the place was nice, modern and welcoming. I recommend it!

Hard Rock Cafè: very famous all over the world, I won't waste many words because it advertises itself. I often go to eat in this place all over the world, I will be banal but I like the environment and above all the food. You will find it near Vondelpark, and it will allow you to enjoy your meal while observing the romantic comings and goings of the boats on the canal, or simply buy some gadgets. Maybe a little expensive, but the burgers are awesome.

The Bulldog Amsterdam: the very famous coffeeshop in the heart of the Red District Light, but there is also a coffeeshop in Leidseplein, near Vondelpark. Do not underestimate this brand, in these places smoking is not the only thing you can do! You can enjoy an excellent beer, have lunch or dinner (at The Bulldog Palace in Leidseplein) or have a snack with a Spacecake.

Ma'DAM, Amsterdam

MA'DAM: it is the skybar and panoramic restaurant of the A'DAM Lookout. where you can simply drink an aperitif or dine while admiring Amsterdam at 360 degrees from the large window of the restaurant. We just had an aperitif, arriving at the perfect time to enjoy the sunset from the large windows, and we hadn't booked. There are options to climb the tower which also directly include drinks.

If you haven't read the post about my 72h trip to Amsterdam yet, run and do it, so you will know how to reach these places effectively during your visit to the city. To better organize your trip to Amsterdam, click here.

Tramonto, Amsterdam Skyline

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