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Burano and Murano - a colorful day trip in Venice's Islands

A day trip in Burano had been on our bucket list for almost a year: I had already been to Venice and I was tremendously curious to discover this famous colorful island in the Venetian lagoon. Unfortunately, we never managed to find the right opportunity to go but finally, after several attempts to plan it, we did it and were able to visit Murano too. What can I say .. we had fantasized about it a lot, but they definitely exceeded our expectations! Let's discover them together! Burano and Murano are two islets located in the Venice lagoon:

  • Burano is very famous for its lace and colorful alleys that have made it one of the 10 most colorful places in the world;

  • Murano, on the other hand, is known for its glass, which is handled and blown by skilled artisans who produce splendid works of art.

How to get to Burano and Murano

Battello per Burano, Venezia

They can only be reached by boat and there are tickets that allow you to go around several islands in one day. We reached Punta Sabbioni, where we left the car in a parking lot booked a few days before online: with a single purchase we reserved both the parking and the ticket for the boat (click here for the combined ticket parking + ACTV boat ). Other departure points are: Venice Piazza San Marco, the Santa Lucia Station in Venice (the boarding is in front of the entrance to the station, approximately every 10 minutes, but to get to Burano and Murano you will have to make a change) or Fusina. The parking was right next to the starting point of the boats, not even ten meters away: very convenient.

Burano dal vaporetto, Venezia

As for the parking, we spent € 7 for the whole day, while for the boat we bought a 24h ticket to go around all the islands (Burano, Torcello, Murano): last stop in Venice Piazza San Marco, at € 21 each. Alternatively, you can also choose the direct option only for Burano, a / r.

Burano dal battello, Venezia

The ACTV line that brings you to Burano - Torcello - Murano, Venice is the number 12. Tickets for the ACTV public service ferries can be purchased in the various ticket offices near the landing stages, in tobacconists, or online on the website, choosing from the various options. From Murano you can take the boat that follows the opposite route and that will stop again in Burano before taking you back to your destination. N.B .: Remember that after 17:00 the boat does not return to Punta Sabbioni but stops in Treporti: from here, thanks to your ticket, you can get on a shuttle that will take you back to Punta Sabbioni in less than 15 minutes. We did not know it and we were quite worried, also because buses did not pass .. luckily the shuttle arrived!


Burano, Venezia

From Punta Sabbioni to Burano it takes about 30 minutes by boat. Burano is enchanting, small and very warm and welcoming: you will be fascinated by its thousand colors that are reflected on the canals, its crooked bell tower and the calm that hovers in this village. I literally fell in love with it. But do you know why Burano is so colorful? Actually colors were used to delimit the properties but there is a "legend" that tells that it was the fishermen who painted their house, in order to recognize it from afar during the long periods of absence due to fishing.

Piazza Galuppi, Burano, Venezia

Once you get off the boat, you will immediately find a beautiful green lawn from which the main street starts, which will take you to Piazza Galuppi (the only square on the island, you can't go wrong). Here you will find many souvenir stalls and ladies' shops that will show you the making of lace.

Burano, Venezia

The processing of lace is the main craft attraction of Burano but you will also find those who work glass by lamp: although it is a technique born and typical of Murano, here too you will find artisans intent on working Murano glass. There are also some real miniature glass factories, such as the colorful Fondamenta Giudecca, in a typical green house. Among the various attractions of this islet, we find the Church of San Martino Vescovo that is very famous for its crooked bell tower and always in the same square of the Church you will find the Lace Museum (once home to the Lace School), the Town Hall and the well made entirely of Istrian stone. The Casa di Bepi Suà is also unmissable, painted with the use of many colors and geometric shapes.

Burano, Venezia

My advice if you decided to visit this splendid island is to get lost in the alleys and enter the labyrinth of colored houses and canals away from Piazza Galuppi: explore and cross the bridges that connect the various banks of the canals. The nicer is certainly the one called "Tre Ponti", which connects three channels and from which you can take wonderful photos. If you want to have lunch in Burano, the island is very famous for its fish dishes, including the "risotto di gò", which is prepared by stirring the rice in a broth obtained from the "gò" (goby), a typical fish of the Venice lagoon. I recommend you try the Osteria da Gigetto, outside Piazza Galuppi and the crowds of tourists, it will allow you to enjoy a nice lunch in peace, in the delightful tables on the canal.

If instead you are passing through and do not intend to have lunch in Burano, I recommend an ice cream in the Crema ice cream parlor, in the center (excellent ice cream, nice creamy, a little expensive but within the limits of Venice) or a "Bussolà" at Costantini pastry, a typical sweet of Burano. If you can't decide between ice cream or "Bussolà", I propose a nice compromise: at the Crema ice cream parlor they make a taste of "Bussolà", try that and you will kill two birds with one stone! In short, Burano is very delicious and small, it can be visited in 2-3 hours, so it is perfect for a day trip, perhaps in combination with the island of Murano.


From Burano to Murano it will take about another 35 minutes by boat to get there.

Murano, Venezia

Murano is certainly the best known of the islands of Venice, famous all over the world for its traditional glass production: here you will find many laboratories and ancient artisan shops where you can admire the original technique used in the blown glass manufacturing process. handed down for generations. In fact, in 1291 a decree was issued to force all the glassworks in Venice to move to the island, as they are easily subject to fires and a source of danger for the city itself. Murano is a Venice in miniature: it's made up of 5 small islands divided by a central canal called the “Grand Canal”, like the famous one in Venice. In Murano you can do many things, most obviously related to glass processing. At Palazzo Giustinian you will find the Glass Museum which houses 700 years of glass history, with wonderful Venetian glass produced from the fourteenth century to the present day. The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00 and admission costs € 7.5 Not far from the museum do not miss the Murano Cathedral, in Venetian-Byzantine style: a real gem! To enter you will have to pay a sort of tax of € 3.5 for contributions to the maintenance and restoration, € 1.5 if you are a student.

Do not miss a visit to the many craft shops where you can buy beautiful handmade glass objects (I warn you that they are quite expensive) and also watch the glass being worked! In some glass factories you will have to pay to watch the show of the artisans who blow glass or work it by producing splendid works of art, but if you look carefully, in some shops you will also find someone who will show it to you for free. We happened upon Dario Cenedese's studio, in Corte de la Vida 18, who was very kind and very helpful in explaining the glass processing and making some small customized objects for us in front of our eyes. It was a wonderful experience!

So, as you have certainly understood from the myriad of photos we took, we really enjoyed this day trip to the Venice lagoon! Burano is truly splendid, unmissable, if you have to choose which one to visit without a doubt throw yourself on Burano! Fortunately they are both quite small and can be done in one day! I really hope I have given you a good idea to organize a pleasant trip!

Let me know what you think!

Have a nice trip!

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