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Practical guide for your first VAN trip to Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island belonging to the Canary archipelago, alongside Africa, but in Spanish territory. Unlike Tenerife, where we had been in April, it is entirely deserted and made of volcanic soil, ideal for surf lovers thanks to the perennial wind, or for those who, like us, want to have an experience in a van without limitations and enjoy the island in a wild way and in full freedom. And what better way to do this than to have our first #vanlife experience aboard our beloved Banana Camper?

Check also our 5 days itinerary on the island at this link!

The Banana Camper is a yellow van that we rented on the island of Lanzarote through AirBnB a bit by chance. It was January, we were looking for accommodation on the island, and the ad appeared among the various apartments. It was real love at first sight! The van had just been included among the options on the site and we said to ourselves: why not? Let's try! It was a personal challenge, in fact it was the first time for us on a van, so adventurous, but the spirit of adaptation has always been there, so we jumped in and booked.

On AirBnB there is a free cancellation option but it provides for a fixed fee, but we still decided to take the risk. The Banana Camper was too beautiful and unique to miss: risking € 50 was a fair compromise for us. In the end everything went well and we spent 5 nights in Lanzarote for € 258 for two. If you consider that at this price you have both a roof over your head and a means of getting around, it's a must-have bargain. Among other things, on the island it's very common to see people in vans or even sleeping in the car in the various locations scattered on the beaches or in special parking lots, after all, sleeping in a camper / van is really the best way to experience Lanzarote.

But let's go into more detail and find out more about this Banana Camper. Let's start with the owners, who definitely deserve a special mention and a lot of affection, Christian and Marcos, super nice and easy going, really very helpful and smart, you can't ask for anything better as a host. On the last evening we realized that we had left the lights on all day, so the battery ran out and we were left on foot. We called Christian and in a short time he reached us and promptly helped us to resolve the situation. You will be in really good hands for any need.

Choosing this yellow van for your adventures on the island of Lanzarote really means living for the day, without any plan or time limits, showering in the middle of the parking lots, peeing in the most unthinkable places, adapting a lot and getting involved, overcoming even some personal challenge.

This van is adorable, all yellow on the outside, and internally decorated in a nice, yet warm and welcoming way, with a slightly hippie touch. The restoration was entirely done by Christian, who really knew how to make this van Casa, and the love he put into it can be felt all over. Inside you'll find a double bed, a chemical bathroom, an outdoor shower, a small pull-out kitchen space in the back with open doors, with a sink and a mini hob on which to cook with an electric stove and a camping fridge. The host will provide you with towels, toilet paper, soap, dishes, some pots, a coffee maker, a table for the bed and a table with two chairs to be placed outside. On the shelves you can also find salt, pepper, oil, coffee, and some snacks for breakfast. The van is equipped with USB adapters for phones and computers with which you can recharge your devices in complete serenity. You'll really find everything you may need, and if anything is missing Christian and Marcos will be available to help you out.

Thanks to the Banana Camper you can discover and explore Lanzarote in the best way: in absolute freedom, without restrictions and spending very little. Admiring the sunset on a beach, moving to the various coasts of the island without time limits, sleeping directly on the beach and wakeing up watching the sunrise directly from the bed.

Additional reasons to choose the Banana Camper (in case you haven't already provided enough):

  • Christian will pick you up at the airport both on the outward and return journeys without extras, avoiding you to think about buses or taxis;

  • Excellent value for money: € 258 in two for 5 nights;

  • The Banana Camper is highly instagrammable (for those who haven't noticed it yet);

  • Pets are allowed on the van.

Places in Lanzarote to spend your night in a van:

Actually, Lanzarote lends itself perfectly to vanlife as you can stop and sleep practically anywhere: there are no prohibitions or restrictions (apart from obviously stopping in the middle of the road), so if you wander around you see a place that inspires you, don't hesitate. Do not be afraid of night raids, it's a very quiet island, and where it is full of travelers in vans, people are used to it and you'll not have problems of any kind.

TIPS to make your first van experience easier:

  • Travel light, there is not a lot of luggage space, and the fewer things you have, the more you'll move easily. In Lanzarote, the climate is mild all year round, and you feel great in the van at night, so don't worry about getting cold and having to dress warmly.

  • In the fridge you have to put bags of ice every 1-2 days that you can find in every supermarket for a few euros: obviously, when melting, a couple of fingers of water will form in the bottom, so put jars and plastic wrappers at the bottom, while packaging paper, fruit and vegetables instead at the top.

  • Don't worry about stocking up for the entire trip: it won't fit all in the small fridge, nor on the shelves. Rather, make a few more stops at the supermarket: there are plenty of them scattered all over the island and it won't take you a long time.

  • The water tank has a capacity that will be enough for approximately two showers each, then you will have to refill it. Technically, all service stations should be equipped for this need, but we honestly made a bit of effort, so let Christian and Marcos indicate which ones will surely be useful to you.

If I have enticed you to try this experience, I leave you the links to find out more:

- @BananaCamper on Instagram

- Banana Camper on airBnB

If you want to know more about our trip to Lanzarote and the places we visited click here.

I hope with all my heart that I made you want to try an experience a little different than usual. Let me know what you think and if you would try a trip of this kind!

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