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Where to eat in Bali, Gili Trawangan and Lombok: unmissable warungs, markets and restaurants

Bali is undoubtedly a magical place, one of the most sensational journeys I've ever made in my life and I can confidently say that a large part of the charm of these lands comes from the cuisine. In Bali, food will be a fundamental and very interesting part of your trip, an essential experience to fully immerse yourself in Balinese culture. You will get lost among the scents that waft through the streets at all hours of the day, you will admire the colors of the markets and the freshest products that you will find there, but above all you will fall in love with this very tasty and spicy cuisine.. believe me when I tell you that the time of meals will be one of the most awaited each day and that you will love scrolling through the Wrung menus and trying the amazing dishes this land has to offer.

What is a Warung

The Warung is the "typical Balinese restaurant", which perhaps more than a restaurant we can define a traditional trattoria very often family-run, where you can taste excellent local dishes cooked with fresh products. Warungs are the most popular places to eat out in Bali for both tourists and locals and are usually very unpretentious and cheap but nowadays there are also larger and more elegant ones.

Eating in small warungs is certainly one of the most genuine experiences that can be had in Indonesia and in Bali it is one of the absolutely unmissable experiences, as well as being the only way to really experience Balinese cuisine and flavours.

Now we will retrace our itinerary from Bali to Lombok, passing through the Gili, to discover warungs and restaurants where you can taste the delicacies that Indonesian cuisine offers!


Canggu is a village on the west coast of Bali and is now one of the most fashionable seaside resorts on the island: dark sand, perfect waves for surfing, lots of trendy clubs and cafés. Learn more about this area.. and READ ALSO: Bali - Canggu and Seminyak: the most touristic area of Bali

La Brisa

La Brisa, Canggu - Bali

La Brisa it's a wonderful restaurant and beach club in Canggu that I definitely wanted to go to after discovering it on instagram by following various pages about Bali. For this reason I decided to book a table about a month in advance, just in case; the reservation, which I highly recommend, can be made easily online on their website in a very simple way: choose the day, the time and immediately receive confirmation by email. Booking online requires a minimum drink of IDR 300,000 per table (about €18). La Brisa is absolutely not what you would imagine a beach club: surrounded by greenery, wooden and bamboo structures, a spectacular swimming pool and a terrace overlooking the sea and the beach.

La Brisa, Canggu - Bali

It's a very peaceful place to eat well and relax, or just have a drink and take advantage of the pool.. either way I'm sure you'll love it! The prices are higher than in the rest of the island, but as in all of this area, it is very touristy, while as regards the cuisine, it is international and mainly based on fish, but excellent and well-finished, as are all their drink! We ordered fresh coconut water and a kombucha tea, then a plate of hummus and falafel for me and a grilled octopus for Enrico, spending a total of 418.000 IDR (about 25€).

Definitely approved and recommended!

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a delightful café/restaurant that we discovered by chance while walking in the heart of Canggu during our exploratory walking tour of the village: the location is splendid, very exotic. We didn't stop, but if we were to go back to the area, I would definitely pop in for lunch or a snack! Remember they don't take reservations except for groups of more than 10 people.


Seminyak is a very similar tourist spot as Canggu: here too you will find plenty of boutiques, surf and brand shops, restaurants, art galleries and night clubs. One of the things not to be missed is the sunset on the beach: Seminyak is one of the best points on the island from which to enjoy the golden hour and watch a magical show.

Learn more about this area.. and READ ALSO: Bali - Canggu and Seminyak: the most touristic area of Bali

La Plancha

La Plancha, Seminyak - Bali

La Plancha is a colorful restaurant that is somewhat reminiscent of a chiringuito (although much larger), located where the sea meets the jungle of Seminyak. It is another of the places that I had found during my research before leaving and that I absolutely did not want to miss and for which I had wisely booked in advance online on the website (the reservation requires a minimum consumption of 1 dish + 1 drink per person).

What makes La Plancha noteworthy, more than its cuisine which if I may say is rather average, is the long series of colorful umbrellas that fill the beach under which you can drink and eat something while admiring the sun go down on the sea to the rhythm of chill music. Among the colors of the sky, the sun and those of this somewhat hippie place, the atmosphere that is created is truly magical and relaxing. We loved it!

La Plancha, Seminyak - Bali

The menu is not large, and is typically western, the prices are affordable buthigher than the average for the island (I remind you that we are still in one of the most touristic and crowded areas of Bali). To be exact, we ordered a coke zero, a banana juice, a plate of fries and a plate of fried calamari for a total of 210,000 IDR (about €13). Therefore, although the cuisine of La Plancha is very simple and touristy, people come here above all for the experience and to admire the sunset.. on the other hand, if you are in this area of ​​Bali, what you are looking for is certainly not culture and tradition. For this reason, overall I would like to tell you that it was definitely worth it, perhaps for a drink during the aperitif time at sunset, absolutely unmissable.


Sanur, Bali

Sanur is a small town in the south of Bali known above all for being the leaving point for boats to Nusa Penida or Lembongan. It is also a quiet place that we explored especially in the evening, enjoying splendid walks along the seafront where at sunset you can find very interesting markets (especially in the area near the port). Most of the bars and nightclubs are located either by the sea or along Jalan Danau Tamblingan, the main street of the town.

Learn more about this area.. and READ ALSO: Southern Bali and the islands: Sanur, Uluwatu and Nusa Penida

Warung Old Brick

Warung Old Brick, Sanur - Bali

Warung Old Brick is one of the places where we ate on this trip that we liked most both in terms of location and cuisine. It is located in a hidden alleyway, within walking distance from Linda Villa (where we were staying in Sanur, and exactly next to where we had rented the motorbike for the day). It's a characteristic little place, very quiet and not very touristy where we ate divinely and spending very little. We highly recommend it if you are passing through Sanur! We ordered delicious fried tofu, vegetarian soup called Sayur Hijais, vegetarian Mie Kuah (vegetable noodle soup), Ayam Bumbum Chicken for Enrico and accompanied everything from 4 small Bintangs for a total of 210.000 IDR (about 13€ ). Everything was very good and as you can see the value for money is excellent!

Samping Warung

Samping Warung is located in the most central area on Jalan Danau Tamblingan and we stopped there on our walk back from the port: this is also a quiet, uncrowded little place to eat great local food at great prices. Perhaps a bit more touristy than the Old Brick, but still discreet! Here we tried our beloved Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng, one portion of spring rolls and one portion of fried calamari, 2 large Bintangs for a total of 210,000 IDR (about 13€).

Bukit Peninsula

The Bukit peninsula stretches in the extreme south of Bali, overlooking the sea with its cliffs and creating a splendid contrast of colors with the green inside which overlooks the blue of the water. Along the rocky coast you will find many splendid beaches (among the most beautiful in Bali), more or less hidden, up to Uluwatu, a favorite destination for professional surfers and site of the homonymous temple.

Learn more about this area.. and READ ALSO: Southern Bali and the islands: Sanur, Uluwatu and Nusa Penida

Warung Made - Padang Padang Beach

Warung Made is a homonym of the first Warung born in Bali but this one is located on the splendid Padang Padang beach, one of the most beautiful on the island, and here we ate our first Nasi Goreng and it was love at first sight ! Warung Made is little more than a shack on the beach, a few dishes, simple and traditional cuisine, an excellent lunch on the go and without too many pretensions, at a great price! We got a Coca Cola, a nice fresh coconut, a Mie goreng and a Nasi Goreng for 110,000 IDR in total (around €6.50).

Delpi Rock Cafè - Suluban Beach

Delpi Rock Cafè - Suluban Beach, Bali

The Delpi Cafè is a very famous place located on the cliff above Suluban Beach: at the beginning of the sand spit, in the rock wall on the left, you will find another staircase at the top of which the Cafè is located. This very famous place is nothing more than a Warung built on the cliff from which you can enjoy an incredible view of the sea! There is also an accessible swimming pool at IDR 100,000 per person (€6 per person). The place is absolutely wow but exclusively for the breathtaking view and its location: the menu is quite touristic and expensive for Bali standards and the offer. Glad I went but more for the location: if I had to recommend it it would be just for this .. maybe take advantage of it for a quick snack like we did who had a banana milkshake and a portion of fried banana with ice cream for a total of 125,000 IDR (about €7.50).

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the largest island of Bali, on the west coast, next to the smaller Nusa Lembongan. Compared to Bali, Nusa Penida is much less touristy and has always been a very poor area. Its suggestive landscapes and unspoiled villages make it a real pearl, absolutely not to be missed on a trip to Bali. Learn more about this area.. and READ ALSO: Southern Bali and the islands: Sanur, Uluwatu and Nusa Penida

Wyns Cafè Penida - Toya Pakeh

The Wyns is located in Toya Pakeh, the village of Nusa Penida where boats arrive from Bali, right in front of the harbor lane. When we arrived it was pouring so, waiting for it to stop, we got to this very nice place where we had breakfast before starting the exploration of the island. We tried a vegan brekkie, which also included beans, scrambled tofu, fried tempeh, a Hawaiian burger (very light as always) and 2 fresh coconuts for a total of 159,000 IDR (about 9€). Highly recommended!

Alily Coffee Shop - Toya Pakeh

Alily Coffee Shop - Toya Pakeh

I adored the Alily Coffee Shop, a small cafe in Toya Pakeh, located on two open floors and which also houses a small craft shop on the ground floor, next to the cash desk.

The mood is very relaxed, ideal for a snack or a cold drink, I loved it! Super recommended!

We ordered something on the fly before taking the ferry back to Bali: 2 fresh fruit smoothies for a total of 90,000 IDR (about €5): a bit expensive but still nice!

Ubud e dintorni

Ubud is the green and pulsating heart of the island of Bali, certainly one of the areas that most fascinated us and that we loved on this trip. It is also the most characteristic part of Bali, the one which, despite tourism, has best preserved its authenticity. Find out more about Ubud and what to do in this piece of tropical paradise.. and READ ALSO: Bali - Ubud: the green and pulsating heart of the island

Tropical Ubud

Tropical Ubud,Bali

Tropical Ubud is a cafe located a few meters away from the secondary entrance of the Ubud Market, where we stopped to start the day with a nice breakfast. In fact, here we had a big breakfast to fill up on energy before a couple of hours of shopping in the famous city market. The place is right on the busiest street in Ubud: a nice place to take a break from the chaos of the city, even if perhaps a little too touristy. At the Tropical we started a long series of savory breakfasts that tasted much more like lunches, in full Balinese style, based on Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng and 2 fresh fruit juices, spending 137,000 IDR in total (about €8.50).

Folk Pool & Gardens

If you are looking for a place for something to drink and a few hours of relax, the Folk Pool & Gardens is certainly an excellent choice: it is a small place hidden in the center of Ubud, where you can enjoy a few hours in the wonderful swimming pool surrounded by greenery. From the outside road, right in the center, you could never imagine that such a beautiful and peaceful place is hidden a few meters away: an excellent destination to rest for a few hours and get away from the chaotic life of Ubud. I highly recommend pre-booking a nice double bed by the pool: here the link for online booking, very convenient and without any advance. The Folk Pool & Gardens is ideal for a drink and a bite to eat: the menu is quite Western, so for dinner I suggest you go to one of our beloved Warungs. I recommend this place but more for the place itself than the food.

Warung Makan Bu Rus

Warung Makan Bu Rus, Ubud

Warung Makan Bu Rus it was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise on the way back to our accommodation, a bit far from the the center of Ubud: from the outside it didn't inspire us at all, but once we crossed the entrance we found ourselves in an open-air room, surrounded by greenery in a fabulous wooden structure! This family-run warung is very homely but at the same time well-kept and with an atmosphere of peace and serenity which we loved: it is very non-touristy, just the way we like it. In addition, we ate divinely for an excellent price, so I can only recommend it! We tried a Bihun Goreng (corn noodle with vegetables and scrambled egg), a Tofu Tempe Curry served with white rice and a Tempe Mandoan accompanied by two fresh coconuts to drink, for a total of 150,000 IDR (just over 9€). PS: if you want they also do take away and delivery!

Gedang Sisi Warung

Located a few hundred meters to the left of the Ubud Royal Palace, the Gedang Sisi Warung is a delightful open-air restaurant built in greenery, where you eat divinely and spend very little! It is also one of the few places that still serves dinner after the evening show at the Palace, but regardless of this, I highly recommend it: definitely one of the best places we ate in Bali! Here we tasted a simply incredible Nasi Campur that I can only recommend: the dish was well-kept and very good; in this case the nasi campur consisted of white rice accompanied by a beef stew, a chicken satay, chicken skewers, boiled eggs, corn croquettes, vegetables and Sambal Metah. We also had a Gado Gado and a Cah Tahu (stir-fried tofu with baby pok coy and served with rice and vegetables) and then we tried our hand at desserts with a Bubur Injin (the typical Balinese pudding) and a portion of Dadar Gulung, or rather Balinese crepes with grated coconut and palm sugar. We spent 350,000 IDR in total (about 21€) for dinner, two cokes and a banana milkshake.

Huma Cafè - Tegalalang

Huma Cafè - Tegalalang, Bali

The Huma Cafè is a very recent restaurant opened on the road to Tegalalang, literally on the rice fields. We got there completely by accident while looking for shelter from the rain and stopped for breakfast while we waited for the rain to stop. We had a truer experience of rice fields and rice cultivation here than we did at the Tegalalang Terraces. The café is outdoors on the rice fields and while you eat you can admire the farmers working the land and planting or harvesting rice, a unique experience! The place is really nice and the menu is very interesting, typical even if a bit refined. Here we had our usual super abundant breakfast/lunch with two Nasi Goreng, a huma pancake (delicious banana crepes) and two fresh fruit smoothies, spending 165,000 IDR (about €10). I highly recommend you think about having breakfast here before heading to Tegalalang - if you're coming from Ubud it's really on the way and trust me, you won't regret it.


Sideman is a green oasis still little frequented by tourists located in one of the most beautiful river valleys in Bali, with splendid landscapes between the rice fields and an incredible view of the Gunung Agung volcano. The village is small, made up almost exclusively of resorts and a few alleyways with shops and warungs.

Learn more about this area.. and READ ALSO: Northern and eastern Bali: the north, Sideman and Padangbai

Warung d’Pedi

We arrived in Sideman very tired, with little desire to move but above we were so hungry so we decided to dine in the Warung of SawahNdah Villa, where we were staying. Read more about this villa here: Bali, Gili Islands and Lombok: how to plan your trip to Indonesia on your own

Warung d’Pedi, Sideman - Bali

Sawah Ndah Villa's restaurant is called Warung d'Pedi and it can also be accessed by outsiders who do not stay there and honestly.. I really suggest you to do so. The location is wonderful, on a terrace overlooking the rice fields, simply spectacular! in addition you also eat divinely. Here we tried something new: the classic Nasi Goreng but this time with duck, for me a Tum Tahu (spicy tofu wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, served with vegetables and rice), a tofu curry and vegetables to share and our beloved Gado Gado, for a total of 281.000 IDR (about 17€). We also had breakfast included in the price of the room so we also had breakfast in this beautiful place and I must say that with the light the view is even better. Don't miss it!


Padangbai is a small seaside town located on the east coast of Bali, and is the port from which the main ferries sail to Lombok and the Gili Islands. Padangbai is small, quiet and not very touristy, a real treasure in which to base your exploration of this part of the island.

Learn more about this area.. and READ ALSO: Northern and eastern Bali: the north, Sideman and Padangbai

Warung Padangbai

The Warung Padangbai is a little place located on the small waterfront of Padangbai, family-run, absolutely informal and good-natured. Just what we were looking for: an unpretentious place to eat excellent fish (for Enri). And I can tell you that we weren't disappointed at all. Given Padangbai's position on the sea, Enrico tried his now classic Nasi Goreng but in the version with seafood and a freshly caught barracuda cooked on the grill and served with rice, vegetables and a Sambal Atham .. for me instead Nasi Goreng and a tempe curry. In total, including two cokes and two fresh fruit juices, we paid 195,000 IDR (almost €12). More than exceptional value for money, very fresh raw materials and excellent home cooking! If you're around, drop by!

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the Gili Islands but it is still so small that in 40 minutes you can cycle around the coast along the sea. Gili T is definitely the one we loved the most, and which I would choose again 100 times: dream sea, unique sunsets, tranquillity, but also fun.. the perfect compromise. To know more.. READ ALSO: Gili Islands: Gili Trawangan - a paradise a few steps from Bali

Sweet and Spicy Cooking Class

Participating in a cooking class is a fantastic way to fully understand the culinary tradition of these places and it is an experience that I strongly advise you not to miss. If you find yourself on Gili T, I can only recommend booking this experience at the Sweet and Spicy Cooking Class, on the waterfront. Do like us and organize your lesson for 19:00 in order to take advantage of the delicacies you will cook for your dinner, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the dishes you have just cooked with your feet on the sand in front of the sea .

Gili T Night Market

Gili T Night Market

Night Markets are widespread throughout Asia and even Gili Trawangan could not miss one. The Gili T night market is located a few meters from the port, on the seafront, and is without a doubt one of those authentic experiences that you absolutely must have. The market opens at 18:00 and offers a huge choice of local street food with delicious typical dishes based on vegetables, meat or fish, but also sweets and lots of fruit. The prices are really ridiculous, and it allows you to taste and try everything! In the center there are then several tables and benches where you can sit and enjoy the various delicacies you have chosen. The Night Market is a choice that not everyone feels like making.. obviously everything is very good, hygiene is not top notch but I assure you that it is an incredible experience, you will get lost among the scents and colors of the food and fresh raw materials!


Much less known and visited than Bali, the island of Lombok offers just as many unique and authentic experiences: from long white beaches bathed by crystal clear waters, magnificent waves for surfers, dense forests in the hinterland and splendid hiking trails between tobacco fields and rice fields .. but the greatest treasure of Lombok is certainly the imposing Gunung Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia. In Lombok we made our base in the south, more precisely in Kuta, in my opinion the best area to stay: in fact, there are the best beaches nearby. We really liked it, it is a quiet place mostly frequented by surfers. The village is small and apart from a few shack-like warungs, there are more western restaurants than what we were used to in Bali. To know more about Lombok.. READ ALSO: Lombok: the last part of a magical trip in Indonesia

Warung Aldi - Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak is a wonderful and very long crescent-shaped white beach on a bay loved by surfers. Here we had lunch with our feet on the sand at Warung Aldi, among the various surf schools. Very simple place, little more than a hut on the beach, with home cooking and very few but definitely excellent dishes. Here we ate a very special Nasi goreng in a tropical version, i.e. with pineapple and peanuts, simply fantastic. In total for two Nasi Goreng and two coca colas we spent 110,000 IDR (just over €6.50).

Warung Gado Gado - Tanjung Aan Beach

Warung Gado Gado is also little more than a hut on Tanjung Aan beach and here we tasted a delicious and very simple home-cooked lunch by the very kind owner. Here I chose the usual Mie Goreng while for Enrico a Nasi Campur which, together with two teas with an extremely exotic taste, it cost us 100.000 IDR (about 6€).

The Hut - Kuta

The Hut is a very nice restaurant located on the main street of Kuta: you cannot miss it as it has an unmistakable very high roof in the shape of a hat / cone. For this evening we abandoned the traditional Indonesian food and I ordered falafel pita and a cocoa while Enrico tasted fried Mahi Mahi fish and a classic Bintang spending a total of 220,000 IDR (about 13€).

Treehouse Restaurant and Bar - Kuta

The Treehouse is definitely the prettiest restaurant in Kuta: located on a beautiful wooden terrace with rocking chairs and swings.. I've wanted to go there since the first day we set foot in Kuta. We saved it for the last evening in Kuta but also the last evening of this incredible trip and here we ate our very last Nasi Goreng!

Here we are at the end of this culinary itinerary to discover the secrets of Balinese cuisine and tradition and the nearby Gili and Lombok. I don't know about you but my mouth is watering, I would leave again immediately just to taste everything and be able to feel those delicious flavors again..

In summary, here is our journey step by step.

Don't miss all the insights on Bali, the Gili and Lombok, in this wonderful trip that will remain in your heart forever.

If you need any further information just comment below and I will answer as soon as I can!

Have a nice trip and let me know what do you think of Indonesian food once you tried it!


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